Syrian in transit

2012 - Rama, Lebanon

One evening, in the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the family Hamid, was attacked by an illegal army. They had all their personal belongings stolen and were told to flee or be shot.

The father Mohamed, his wife Siham and their 9 children, fled from a suburb of Homs, to the mountainous area of Wadi Khaled, only in the clothes they were wearing.

12 hours after their escape, their house was bombed.

Today they live on the first floor, of an unfinished house of a Lebanese family. Without windows, doors, kitchen or toilet.

Mohamed just finished a phonecall from his sister, who is back in Syria. "The shelling we felt here, were dropping in the neighborhood of my sister."
Without anything to do, Sleiman often listens to radio, broadcasting news about the situation in Syria.
Wadi Khaled is like a peninsula, surrounded by Syria.
Siham and Mohamed sleeps in the livingroom, with the smallest children.
Derat 10 years old.
To get some time for himselves, Sleiman goes up on the roof. While he looks towards Syria, he’s thinking of his friends, who’s fighting against Bashar al-Assad's forces.
Although the worn, second-hand clothing comes from charity, the morning grooming are a regular routine.
For a long time the family's only sources of light was candles.
Without access to school, the children spend most of the day, in and around the house. It's too dangerous to go too far away.
If I die in battle, I will die for freedom. Sleiman wanted to participate in the revolution, but wasn't allowed by his father.
Rama is one of 22 villages in the area Wadi Kahled, in northeastern Lebanon. The lights in the background is Syrian territory.
Sometimes the fighting are so close, that you can feel the floor shake, by the shelling in Syria.
At night you can hear barking dogs nearby and bombs falling in the distance.
Sagida 12 years old, missing going to school.