Second Chance


On a mountaintop, overlooking Cebu city, The Philippines, is a prison for men, one for women and in between the two, lies Operation Second Chance. A prison for young boys under 18, where the purpose is to give the inmates a second chance.

The inmates crime, covering from small thefts to contract killings. The Philippines is in the larger cities, characterized by extreme poverty and gang-related crime. Drugs, fierce violence, prostitution, and murder is not uncommon for the young boys. To get the opportunity to break their criminal court, they are offered schooling or helped to get a job, so that they in this way, hopefully, stay out of the criminal environment.

The facility doesn't offer much activity. One of the boys have made a kite.
The young boys are washing they own clothes, cleaning and make every meal.
Inmates in the youth prison, and the adult male prison, has developed a kind of sign language so they can communicate with each other.
Around the prison there are indications that this is not an adult prison.
Tattoos are being made inside the prison, but are illegal to make. A lot of the boys a former gang members, either in Bloods og Crips.