Fine art photo print

For more than 15 years, I have traveled the world as professional photographer.

That has given a huge archive of images.

Why not get them out to all of you?

So I've made "Prater - fine art photoprints"

Prints incl. frame:

30x40: 1.100,- DKr.

40x60: 1.500,- DKr.

60x80: 1.800,- DKr.

It can be arranged if you want other sizes or other framing.


tel: 28155314


if questions or purchases

Snails and mussels
Swedish summervibes
clock and train, USA
Palmtrees I
Cowgirl, Texas
Diner, New Orlens
Tempel, Laos
Parkeing, New Orleans I
PArking, New Orleans II
Bear, Texas
Classic car, Texas
Norway I
Fog, Norway
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Ceby, The Philippines
roning fog, Vilhelmina, Sweden
Chernobyl, Ukraine
Palmtrees II
Chili, Thailand marked
Palmtree, Spain
Icebear, Zoo
Riverbank, Laos
Monk, LAos
Oceanview, The Philippines
Beware, Georgia, US
Snails and mussels, Siquijor, The Philippines