Beyond Laponia

2016 - Ongoing Project

It was -7 ° C that morning. Also inside the car, where I slept.

I had driven north, from Copenhagen, by E45, for almost 2 days. From something that reminded me of an ordinary landscape, along side the Danish highways, with fields and cities, the landscape up here, completely changed character. Alternately, large open spaces, to pine threes, as far as the eye can see.

Where humans, many other places have nature under control, it works here, as if it is nature that controls, and the man who adapts.

Before I turn on the gas and put the kettle on for coffee, I take a few steps away from the car and walks over to the frozen lake.

I take a deep breath and smell the country. Here are no disturbing or unpleasant odors. Just fresh air. And complete silence.

In fact, it’s so quiet, that I'm looking for sounds. Something must provide sounds, I think. But, what would it be? There is no living creature here, beyond me. At least not in near, and not of the size, that provides a sound, loud enough to a human ear can hear it. Ever since the inland ice retreated, there have been people out here. But it is no more than about 300 years ago, they first settled as permanent residents.

Across the frozen lake, that I stayed at, runs snowmobile trails crisscross. A clear sign, that I’m not all alone.

It is these people, living in the swedish Lapland, I'm caught up to meet.

Hanna and Kristoffer Hedberg in their house in the countryside of Vihelmina
Dried moose
Arne Forsman, Randijaur
Arnes livingroom, Randijaur
Hotel Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk
Ebba Enbom, Jokkmokk
When there are enough people, the pizzaria 3:AN, turns into a Disco. Storuman
Johannes Anderson, Swedish arm wrestling champion. Storuman
Wilma Gustafsson. Storuman
City Konditori
Hans Jørgen Jensen, was one of the founders of the patisserie City Konditori in 1960.
City Konditori
Hans Jørgen Jensens grandsonand owner of City Konditori, Tommy Isaksson
E45. Jokkmokk
Daniels livingroom. Kuouka
The Arctic Circle, runs through Daniel Ohlssons livingroom. Kuouka
Daniels guestroom. Kuouka
Daniels backyard. Kuouka
Stellan Hilmersson. Vuollerim
Dan Lindbergs bedroom. Myrlind
Dan Lindberg. Myrlind
Cafe Utsikten. Storuman